Women of Softcom

Aminat Bello

How would you describe the work you do at Softcom? And what are you most proud of?

I am a Software Tester responsible for the quality of software development and deployment to ensure that the system meets the user’s needs. I take part in identifying business requirements, working with Software Developers and Project Managers to ensure that all software issues are fixed, and applications can be easily accessible and are user friendly.


My proudest moment at work would be when my Product team recognised me as a team player within my first 3 months of joining the team, based on the quality of my work, ownership, collaboration, and prompt delivery.

What does choosing to challenge mean personally for you?

I choose to challenge norms by putting myself, my wellbeing, goals, and ambitions first. Unlike societal norms that expect women to be in charge of taking care of everyone first before themselves.


I also challenge myself by putting in my very best to make sure I excel in a primarily male dominated profession.

What would access and inclusion look like for you in the Africa Softcom is trying to build?
For everyone in Africa to be able to access financial services on their phone, no matter the type of device. To create a healthy financial life whether by controlling spending or helping to make better financial decisions.
How did you get into the tech environment?
Not entirely sure, but I know that as a young child, I really enjoyed solving problems and finding out how things work. Over time, this curiosity had me looking into tech as I was really intrigued by it. This was the beginning of it all and it was only a matter of discovering what part of tech I would be in.
What do you do for fun?
Things I do for fun are watching romantic comedies, taking alone times to reset my mind and my body. And of course, sleeping.
Tell us two truths about yourself and one lie.

– I’ve been arrested but never put in jail.

– I am a great dancer.

– I can’t swim.