Women of Softcom

Ifeoma Okocha

How would you describe the work you do at Softcom? What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my growth.

When you picture a gender-equal world, what do you see?

I see a world where anyone with the required prowess, when faced with an opportunity, will not be disregarded due to gender or age. A world where people can thrive in their fields in a community or an organisation without the biased mentality of gender, age, race or religion.

What would access and inclusion look like for you in the Africa Softcom is trying to build?

This would look like the Africa where anyone can grow, can fly, can aspire to be great, can dream; without the fear of being punched down because of race, age, gender or religion.

How did you get into the tech environment?

My dad is a Programmer. So right from when we were kids, we always had access to a desktop computer: though at that time, we would play games like Minesweeper and Solitaire only 😅. I’ve always been fascinated with computers, always wondering how things were moving and alive in a little screen. Before University, my dad enrolled me in a computer school during the wait period after WAEC: over there, I learnt about Design software and it kind of stuck. Then at University, in my 2nd year when we were to pick a major course to specialise in my department (Fine & Applied Arts), I was going to choose painting initially, but followed my instincts and chose Graphic Design. It was the best decision ever, and funny thing, I can still paint now with a PC 😁

What do you do for fun?

Watch a movie. Watch Food making tutorials (this automatically calms me).

Tell two truths about yourself and one lie.

 I hate confrontation. I forgive easily. I’m a good dancer.