Women of Softcom

Olaronke Ariyibi

How would you describe the work you do at Softcom? And what are you most proud of?

Softcom is currently driving inclusion from the technology and human aspect, and it’s exciting to be among the people making it happen. My role in this is to ensure that businesses are provided with the necessary tools needed to help them grow and manage that growth through accurate and reliable reports.


This in itself requires using technology as a powerful tool to provide business owners with instant insight into sales and transactions and how they are being completed in their stores from anywhere in the world.


Knowing the inclusion Softcom is driving at, these products provide huge advantages to every business – SMEs and large businesses. I am driven daily by the businesses that benefit from this and how it has brought about ease and inclusion – down to even the most basic business transactions in stores.

What does choosing to challenge mean personally for you?

I was discussing with a friend recently how this “Choosing to Challenge” should be the norm as against being a challenge taken up on only international Women’s Day.


Choosing to challenge for me is my drive, my goal and a driving force to where I see myself leading in all aspects, especially career-wise. I have goals set for my next career step and when I think of how I need to achieve them, I have decided to look away from any gender-based limitations or settling factor. Instead, I choose to challenge myself to be a better version of myself, to thrive in my space and inspire others.


Until I achieve my goals and surpass my dreams, I wake up every day, set goals and plans, determined to challenge myself and anything in my way until I achieve success. With success comes challenging obstacles. How you choose to win determines the next step. I won’t give up or give in until I achieve my set success.

What would access and inclusion look like for you in the Africa Softcom is trying to build?

Access and inclusion for me would mean Softcom empowering and trusting the female gender with growth. This can be by organising female workshops monthly where we are encouraged and goals are shared. This would mean creating a community of women in this tech space, challenging the norm and set to impact products.


In the Softcom we are building, access and inclusion should not just have a community of women but rather an inclusive community of “doing” women with opportunities to win and impact.

How did you get into the tech environment?

Being in the tech space career-wise has always been a goal for me right after I graduated from school in 2018. I knew how much impact I was ready to make in this space and I was going all out for it; determined to walk my way right into one.


I got into the financial tech space, Eyowo, and it was an awesome and ground setting experience. My first job role in this space was as a Customer Success Specialist. And trust me when I say this role activated my impact in the tech space.

What do you do for fun?
I can be a very adventurous person, and I can be an indoor person. Both basically depend on my mood. I enjoy reading books, listening to music, going out to read, trying new tasks just for fun, and a lot more. As I said, I can take on a lot of spontaneous activities.
Tell us two truths about yourself and one lie.

– I work with an NGO and a charity when I am not doing office related work.

– I am light-skinned.

– I am the first child of my parents.