Women of Softcom

Omotayo Olatunbosun

How would you describe the work you do at Softcom? And what are you most proud of?

Working in the Quality Assurance Unit of the Customer Success Department, I am part of the team that is responsible for setting the quality standards for the Customer Success Specialists.


Quality is one of the ways we measure the success of the Customer Success team in the ecosystem (Eyowo), and my role is such that the Customer Success Specialists create delightful experiences for our customers, listen to them, humanize the conversations, and leave a lasting impression in their minds.


I lead a team of 3 specialists and I am always proud when they go above and beyond for customers.

What does choosing to challenge mean personally for you?

A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day. For me, choosing to challenge means calling out gender biases and inequality.


At the workplace, I choose to challenge my doubts. The gender confidence gap is controversial, but it’s real. While not all women lack the confidence to achieve what they want or change what they don’t, many still do.


I also embrace my unique feminine leadership strengths and rate the value I bring and I feel incredibly accomplished. While power has no gender, our mental template for power is naturally male. Yet the only way we will ever reconstruct the gendered mental maps from which our negative labels and limiting beliefs arise is by challenging them.

What would access and inclusion look like for you in the Africa Softcom is trying to build?
Accessibility is a key factor. Access and inclusion for me in the Africa Softcom is trying to build mean the possibility of an individual with or without problems of mobility or sensory perception to understanding a space are able to integrate in it or interact with its content. An open-world where everyone has equitable access to intuitive solutions that address common human needs.
How did you get into the tech environment?

I had just completed my NYSC and was casually looking for a job when a friend of mine who worked at Softcom at the time told me about an opportunity in the company and then shared the JD with me. I was excited about the opportunity and was willing to explore it.


Walking into the office for the interview, I was intrigued by the office space, and the employees I met were really warm. I was determined to ace the interview so that I could get the job and be a part of the company. I aced the interview and was given an offer later that week and was asked to resume the following Monday. This was the beginning of my journey in the tech world, particularly at such an amazing place like Eyowo.

What do you do for fun?
My definition of fun might be weird to you but here goes… I love to sleep in my spare time. When I’m not sleeping and my friends are able to drag me out, I love to hang out at a lounge/restaurant with nice ambience, eat good food, drink, and enjoy some nice music.
Tell us two truths about yourself and one lie.

– I am the only girl in my family.

– I have 3 sisters.

– I don’t like dogs.